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Warum ist es das wert?

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Da wir ein schnell wachsendes Unternehmen sind, werden mit der Bildung und Erweiterung von Teams neue Organisationsstrukturen geschaffen und damit auch Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten für aktuelle und zukünftige Mitarbeiter.

Es gibt immer mehr von uns

Die Zahl der Beschäftigten lag Ende 2023 bei mehr als 350 in allen Niederlassungen in Polen und im Ausland. Im Jahr 2024 haben wir die Zahl von 400 Mitarbeitern überschritten, und unsere Teams wachsen stetig. Statistisch gesehen bleiben sogar 91 % der Mitarbeiter bei uns, nachdem sie eine Beziehung aufgebaut haben.

Für jede Phase Ihrer Karriere

Wir suchen ehrgeizige und engagierte Personen, unabhängig davon, ob es sich um Fachleute mit umfassender Erfahrung oder um Berufsanfänger handelt. Erfahrung und vorhandene Fähigkeiten sind zwar willkommen, aber wir wissen, dass sie mit der Zeit kommen. Unabhängig davon, in welchem Stadium Ihrer Karriere Sie sich befinden, erhalten Sie bei uns die nötige Unterstützung und die Aussicht auf Wachstum.



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Lesen Sie unsere Geschichten

Aneta Majdzińska,
Aneta Majdzińska,Senior accounting and finance specialist
Since graduating from high school, I have associated my career path with accounting. I worked in a couple of places until I ended up at INNPRO in March 2022. I started with simple tasks in accounting and gradually moved into more responsibilities. After less than nine months I was promoted for the first time, and after a year and a half my commitment was recognised again and I became Senior Accounts and Finance Specialist.

I now oversee the work of three accounting sub-departments and, as the company continues to grow, I come across new challenges that allow me to continually develop and gain valuable experience in the area I have always wanted to work in.
Kamil Mohn,
Kamil Mohn,Warehouse Manager Assistant
I have been working at the warehouse in Gliwice since September 2021. The rapid growth of the company has reinforced my conviction that this is the place to spread your wings. I am of the opinion that the more you give of yourself, the more you will receive. My hard work and commitment has been noticed. Initially, I was in charge of supplying our branch with operational materials for order processing. I now hold the position of Assistant Warehouse Manager and manage a team that is growing steadily.

The company provides me with opportunities for development and supports me in realising myself outside of work. This reinforces my belief that I made the right decision by choosing INNPRO.
Sabina Kufka,
Sabina Kufka,Order fulfilment specialist
I have been working at INNPRO for over 3 years. My adventure started with a position as an order processing employee. When I started working for the company, I had no experience in a similar position, but thanks to the training materials, great people and development opportunities provided by the company, I managed to gain valuable work experience and advance to the next level of my career.

The company gives me the opportunity to share my ideas and implement improvements to allow the department to work more efficiently.
Artur Ratajczak,
Artur Ratajczak,Warehouse specialist
In April 2022, I started working at INNPRO as a warehouseman. From the very beginning, I showed determination in learning new tasks. A few months later, thanks to my commitment and self-reliance, I was promoted to the position of Junior Warehouse Specialist. In the following months, I received training to learn about the retail shipping department, pallet ordering department and warehouse logistics.

I am currently working as a Warehouse Specialist. Thanks to my work at INNPRO, I have gained the ability to manage a team and make good decisions.
Julia Wójtowicz,
Julia Wójtowicz,Product Manager
I have been working at INNPRO since November 2021. I started my work from the position of Assistant Product Manager because I had no previous experience in a similar position. Thanks to my commitment and development opportunities, I was very quickly promoted to the position of Junior Product Manager. Currently, I am working as a Product Manager.

Working at INNPRO allows me to constantly develop my sales skills and broaden my horizons through trips to trade fairs and meetings with manufacturers, in which I participate.
Magdalena Bennek,
Magdalena Bennek,Team Leader, Brand Manager
My name's Magda, by day Brand Manager and Team Leader at INNPRO. I have been involved in online marketing for more than 8 years. I joined INNPRO in February 2022, and for a few months I was implementing my duties as a marketing communications specialist and deputy TL, learning about brands and company operations. I was successfully promoted to Brand Manager and started leading a team of several people. I am currently growing my team, constantly expanding the team and overseeing marketing activities for more than 30 brands.

Working at INNPRO gives me the opportunity to grow and gain experience in different areas of marketing, conducting interesting projects and campaigns.
Wojciech Kłaput,
Wojciech Kłaput, Senior Product Manager, Team Leader
For as long as I can remember, trade has been present in my life. Even in my teenage years I helped to run the family business. So it is no surprise that this is also the direction in which my professional career has taken me. I joined INNPRO in 2021 and am currently one of the Team Leaders of the sales department. The change of employer was due to the stagnation and lack of challenges at the large e-commerce company where I had worked for 8 years. The job basically found me on its own and for almost two years I have been developing within the structures of the Rybnik-based company.

What keeps me going the most at work and puts me in my flow is the constant development, challenges and extremely interesting contact with Chinese manufacturers.
Magdalena Kaczmarczyk,
Magdalena Kaczmarczyk,Team Leader
I have been working at INNPRO since 2020, I previously worked in Wroclaw in a managerial position, but decided to return to my hometown. Working at INNPRO required re-branding, starting to build my career from scratch starting from a Junior position. However, the opportunity for rapid growth and visible potential encouraged me to give it a try. INNPRO is all about the people. Young, dynamic, with ideas and the desire to implement them.

Quick adaptation to the market situation would not be possible in many companies, and here no one is afraid to make difficult decisions. I myself also know that I have an impact on the development of the company, and this is important to me.
Anna Dziwok,
Anna Dziwok,Senior Product Manager
When I started work while still at university, from an assistant position in the sales department, I did not think that in 2.5 years I would be the one recruiting for this position, looking for people to join my team, which I am currently responsible for as Senior Product Manager of one of the important brands in the company. With my commitment, conscientiousness and initiative, I have proven that, despite my young age, I am capable of making independent decisions.

In trade, the trick is not to spot a mistake, but to spot its consequences in time, which is why I try to understand problems in my team, not just solve them.
Natalia Niewiadomska,
Natalia Niewiadomska,Translator
In mid-2020, I was looking for a job that I could combine with my studies. Previously, I had worked on commission in various industries. I started my career at INNPRO as an assistant, learning about the company's marketing operations and structures. I developed my skills in preparing materials for print, creating graphics and content. Over time, my path more clearly shaped towards content and translation.

At INNPRO, I value constant development in a friendly and natural atmosphere, and the most satisfaction has come from new opportunities.

How does the recruitment process work?

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We strive to make the recruitment process transparent. We analyze each application and if your competencies meet the requirements of the position you are applying for – we call to arrange an interview.

Nummer zwei und eine Ikone mit sprechenden Menschen

The purpose of the recruitment meeting is to get to know you and your experience. The interview is usually conducted by two people from the department to which you are applying – they will tell you about the daily life of the company and our typical tasks. We have time to answer all your questions.

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During the interview, we sometimes check the competencies important for the position, which may involve a short assignment or an interview in English. After each interview, we contact you, informing you of the outcome of the recruitment.

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